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Capitol Reef is a great place to explore canyon overlooks, slick rock trails, cliff top arches, and remote wilderness canyons.  This is a great place to explore some red rock country.  My spring '98 trip to Capitol Reef was cut short by bad weather.  I did some exploring the first day but woke up the second day of the trip to find a few inches of snow around the tent.  I hadn't planned for snow so that ended our trip to Capitol Reef.  We left to dry our tent in Goblin Valley State Park but our time in Capitol Reef was well spend and we did a few great trails.

Casidy Arch
This is a strenuous 1.75 mile hike that starts at Grand Wash.  About .25 miles after from the Grand Wash trail head the trail to Casidy Arch starts to climb the cliffs on the north side of the canyon.  The trail climbs at a steady pace for the next mile.  The last .25 miles of the trail is a level run across slickrock.  The views from the trail and Casidy Arch are magnificent and I highly recommend this trail to all who visit Capitol Reef.

Hickman Bridge
The trail it Hickman Bridge is an easy 1 mile hike that offers nice views of the Fremont River.  Hickman Bridge is the longest arch in the park with a span of 133 ft.  The trail has a total elevation change of 300 ft.

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