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Canyon Lands National Park is divided into three areas by the Colorado and Green Rivers.  Each area is inaccessible to the other areas of the park.  The areas are Island in the Sky, The Maze, and The Needles.  Island in the Sky provides mesa top views of the Colorado and Green Rivers.  This is the only area of Canyon Lands that I have visited and because of extremely high winds and bad weather I didn't stay long.  I went in March of 1996 and camped at Dead Horse State Park.  The wind blew so hard that it leveled my tent and broke a few poles.
If you are going to Canyon Lands to hike I would suggest going to the Needles District.  There are more trails in that area of the park.  Island in the Sky is more limited in the choices of hiking trail. Most of the trails involve dropping a few thousand feet.  The only trail I hiked on that wind trip was Mesa Arch  The trail is a simple mile loop to a mesa top arch.  The Pictures are below.