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Bryce Canyon is one of Utah's most spectacular National Parks.  Its unique rock formations, called "hoodoos" offer a canyon of mazes to explore.  If you spend a week at Bryce Canyon you still won't have enough time to hike and explore the park.  There are over 50 miles of trails to hike!  

Rim Trail
This trail is a good place to start in the park.  The most popular and easiest part of the trail is from Sunset to Sunrise Point.  This section of the trail is half a mile one way.  From the trail you get a top view of the hoodoos of the canyon.

Navajo Trail
Once you've had a look from the Rim Trail you are going to want to explore the hoodoos from the bottom of the canyon.  Don't be scared off by what seems to be a steep trail into the hoodoos.  The Navajo Trail is not to difficult a task.  The trail is 1.5 miles round trip and the elevation difference from top to bottom is only 520 ft.  This is a trail that you have to do.  When I was last at Bryce, in 1997, I hiked the Navajo Trail twice.  Being down on the narrow trail with the hoodoo walls rising a hundred feet or more above your head is very exciting.

Tower Arch Trail
Tower Arch trail is one of the less crowded trails in the park.  The trail is 3 miles long and descends 800 ft into the Fairyland area of Bryce.  The Tower Arch trail is not as exciting as the Navajo Trail but it is a good hike all the same.

Bristle cone Trail
Another somewhat ignored trail at the south end of the park.  Bristle cone is an easy one mile loop that winds through spruce forests and offers great distance views from exposed cliff tops.  Good hike for small kids.