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Arches is a great park to visit for families.  Most of the park can been seen from the road side or by short walks.  To really explore the park, and see some of the 2000 arches in the park, you need to get out and do some hiking.  Below are trails I have hiked at Arches.

Delicate Arch
This is the number one "got to do" hike at Arches.  Delicate Arch is probably the most noted attractions at the park (Delicate Arch has somewhat become a symbol of Utah).  The only way to get a good look at this arch in person is to hike the 3 mile round trip trail to the base of the arch.  The trail for the most part is moderately level.  The major elevation gain comes about three quarters a mile into the trail when there is a constant climb up a quarter mile of slick rock.  Once your over the climb its is pretty level going for the rest of the way.  There is no shade along the trail, take a hat and plenty of water.

Landscape, Navajo, and Partition Arch
Another good hike to take at Arches.  The trail to Landscape Arch is a level one and a half mile trip that takes you to the longest and oldest arch in the park.  From Landscape Arch you can continue on to Navajo and Partition Arches. When I was in Arches last this was the trail less traveled.  It was good to get away from the crowds and feel like I was really doing some exploring.  The Trails to Navajo and Partition become a little more difficult and steep but the views are well worth the temporary discomfort of climbing a few hills.

Park Avenue
This is a good place to do a warm up hike.  The trail is easy but gives some impressive views of tall red rock walls.  This hike gives you a good feel of the environment in the park.  

Sand Dune Arch
This is a fun little hike to an arch that can't be seen from the road.  The arch hides behind two red rock fins and the area around the arch is find red sand.  It day was noticeably cooler between the fins and this was a good place to end a long day in the sun.

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